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Top 5 tips for best college interview

Many colleges may offer interviews with an admissions representative or alumnus as part of their college application process. The college interview is an opportunity for the interviewer to get to know the student beyond their grades and test scores. There are 2 types...

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Top 5 College bound Tips for Campus Visits

Many college-bound sophomores and juniors are visiting campuses in March and April during Spring Break. Those campus visits are an important step in the college admissions process and can shape the application process in surprising ways. Given that many colleges will...

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Boston College for undecided college-bound teen

If your college-bound teen is undecided and seeking a solid medium size college with 5,000 to 10,000 students, Boston College may be worth a look. Boston College pursues its mission through rigorous intellectual development, advanced global research and integration of...

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What sophomores must know about the SAT and ACT

High school sophomores are in a great position to make the most of the college admissions process.  Now that the transition to high school is over, sophomores can be involved with those extra-curricular activities that matter to them, develop relationships with...

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When is the AP Exam necessary?

Parents often ask me about the importance of taking Advanced Placement courses and the end-of-course AP exams. My best answer is that "it depends" . . .  How many Advanced Placement courses? When parents ask me about how many advanced placement courses their teen...

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This blog is valued by time-starved parents of college-bound teens. The topics covered in the posts are mined from years of listening to parents talk about their dreams for their children's education.

This blog is written from the heart . . . I love talking about this stuff!

-Dr. Pamela