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How to have a Stress-free Campus Visit

Many families who take their teen on campus visits, usually visit several colleges at once to make the most of their time away. While it may save time to do these marathon visits, seeing several colleges in a 3-5 day time span can be draining. (Been there, done that!)...

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How to avoid overpaying for college

If you are the parent of a college-bound teen and your family is likely to not qualify for financial aid, then there are three lessons from this most recent admissions cycle that you must know. Applying these lessons while your teen is in high school can help you...

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How to Make the Most of Middle School

Every fall, I hear from parents of high school seniors with last-minute questions about getting in and getting money for college. If it’s still early enough in the season, they will often sign up for my firm’s Comprehensive Assessment where we do a deep dive of their...

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About This Blog

This blog is valued by time-starved parents of college-bound teens. The topics covered in the posts are mined from years of listening to parents talk about their dreams for their children's education.

This blog is written from the heart . . . I love talking about this stuff!

-Dr. Pamela